our story


We are Jared & Jessica—avid antiquers, old souls, founders of Rust & Sawdust Handcrafted Creations. We began Rust & Sawdust out of our passion for antiquing and upcycling.  We love to find disheveled, forgotten things and give them a new life.
We make functional, high-quality furnishings using primarily repurposed materials. All of our pieces are handcrafted; many of them are one-of-a-kind.  Our entire process from fabrication to finishing is completed in-house.

We’ve been creating together since 2010—although it’s usually her asking him to build something she needs, like a storage bench or a tea-table or an outdoor planter box.

Thank you for visiting our store.  We hope you find something here to love and to give a new story.

Jared & Jessica


We hope to inspire others to see the beauty that is found in our differences, our scuffs & scars, our oddities…just like the furniture we create. 

Jared is on the autism spectrum.  After decades of trying to fit the mold of a traditional 9-5 job, we realized that is not where Jared thrives. Always the fixer and creator, Jared wanted to find a better approach to earning a living and having a balanced life that meets his atypical needs. Creating the pieces for Rust & Sawdust has given Jared a reclaimed sense of purpose and passion.

For this reason, every purchase made supports the Autism Community.
A percentage of all profits are donated to local autism organizations.

Rust & Sawdust is proud to be an autistic-owned company! 


Our Process