Franklin is a stunning specimen of craftsmanship & design, featuring handsome live-edge walnut, antique metal drawers, and hairpin legs. Checkerboard details add a modern flair, but also enable the piece to sit flush against a wall. 

The Franklin desk also features a custom-made steel frame inset underneath to add strength but not bulk. 

The "puzzle piece" end portion of this slab would have gone to waste, as it was originally part of the underside of the wood. We didn't want to forfeit its superb grain, so we inverted & reincorporated it into the piece. 

Franklin is part of our Oxford Live-Edge Walnut series.


73"L x 23"W x 35"H

Key Features

Oxford Live-Edge Walnut    Custom Details     Hairpin Legs     Unique


The Oxford Live-Edge Walnut Limited Series

Origin: Longmont, CO.  Wood was harvested in 2013 from several trees that died from beetle-kill. Wood was not farmed or milled. 

Every walnut slab is hand-planed & pieces are fabricated & finished in-house.  The bark is gently removed to preserve the live-edge detail.  Slabs range from 1/2"-2" thick. Wood is finished with a clear stain to enhance the beautiful natural color variations in the walnut grain & topped with a clear coat for protection from day-to-day use. 

Pieces are limited.  Customization available.